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"In your career, knowledge is  like milk. It has a shelf life stamped right on the carton.

The shelf life of a degree in engineering is about 3 years. If you're not replacing everything you know by then, your career is going to turn sour fast."   
--Louis Ross, Ford Motor Co., CTO to a group of engineering students 


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Thank you very much for your advice & assistance.

Jim Beach - Regina
You helped me understand the computer world when I was purchasing and have provided invaluable support whenever I become lost or stuck with my machine. Thanks again, March 2003.

Duncan Crow, Duncan BC,
I am a wholistic consultant in BC. I needed computer upgrade anyway, and a notebook computer would allow for greater impact when delivering my workshops, impact that an audio-visual component would provide.

After some internet searching I settled on the DeskNote from Duncans Computers partly because of the reasonable price. It offered everything I needed and uses the same USB components that a desktop uses. That means no expensive notebook-specific attachments are required.

I got the DeskNote tested and ready to run just as I expected. John Duncan was helpful and thorough, also as expected. The DeskNote is a good quality unit; it's so easy to set up that the slim owners manual supplied is enough instruction.

I've had computers continuously since 1978. I've worked as a programmer and computer operator, later as a Microsoft Certified Professional, so you could say I have knowledge of the field. I recommend both the DeskNote and the source, Duncans, The Computer People. Duncan Crow, Duncan BC, Nov 30, 2002

We are proud to bring you the articles of Duncan Crow. Duncan writes the column Body Electric for the Cowichan Valley Citizen, where he deals with health issues and natural remedies.

Lori Rosom, University Student, Calgary
Subject: RE: Duncan Desknote A9

Hey, sorry it took me so long to get on this letter Iíve been crazy busy.  There are so many things that I adore about this laptop.  I havenít used it a lot yet because I havenít started school yet.  I can already see it is going to make a difference in how much quicker I can type my notes and listen to the lecture more closely.  That will make a great difference to my marks as well.  Itís nice to just be able to have access to any information I need whether Iím on a plane, or at home.  The only thing I need to look into more because Iím not even sure if itís possible it having internet access at all times.  At work I can pull out my laptop and play some of my favorite DVD games, and know one knows I was ever playing games.  And when I have to sit and wait for late people like my father and Justin I can whip out my laptop and continue what I began earlier that day.  I like how drive A is separate from the actual laptop because I donít always use it.  Itís good to know that there are other batteries you can buy.  It fits every ones needs and budget.  As for the price!  I went out to look at other laptops before I bought this one and there was at least an $800 difference more for the same options.  I am overall happy with my decision of buying it through you guys because of the good deal and options that this laptop came with.  As well as the fact that when I have any questions or concerns I can call you up and the knowledge you have educates me as you guide me through it, and Iím in Alberta!  Thatís definitely why you have such an awesome business going on. Thanks again for all your help. August 2002                                       

Dan Gleadle, Partner in Vancouver Law Firm 
Subject: RE: Duncan Desknote A928 for TevlinGleadle
All went fine, set it up over the weekend, and works great. Thanks for your help. I would like to order another, a Desknote A900 or an A901 for my partner's daughter. The 1Mhz processor in the A900 or the A900 would seem ok, I presume both have a 10Gb HD, she would want the DVD/CD combo.
May 7, 2002

Mike Berger, A+ Candidate,
Duncans Associate & Work Program Student

...also, I have been checking around and you DO have some of the best prices on computer parts and systems. Not just that, but your warranty is not to be beaten in comparison to your prices. I always thought they were good but now that I have checked them, they are really good. I think the Duncans motto should be "the best computer prices with warranty in Saskatchewan...period!"  I mostly did the research to show my mom how much cheaper it will be to get a system from Duncans then anywhere else,  plus the fantastic warranty. November 29, 2000

Lindsay Snook - University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada.
...I just wanted to thank you guys for everything.  My computer is working great ....

I'm finally settled in to Physics. Last year I was thinking of switching into a few different faculties, but I think I'll be finishing my degree in physics for sure. The university has a rather large Computer Science department. I did 2 courses in it last year. They have just finished a brand new building for Computer Science and for Computer Engineering. November 27, 2000

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