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"In your career, knowledge is  like milk. It has a shelf life stamped right on the carton.

The shelf life of a degree in engineering is about3 years. If you're not replacing everything you know by then, your career is going to turn sour fast."   
--Louis Ross, Ford Motor Co., CTO to a group of engineering students 


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-------------------Learning Center Programs---------------


 Power Launch - 6 hrs



Facilitated Learning - 12 hrs


 Xmas Camp - 15 hrs



 Easter Camp - 15 hrs



Summer Camp - 15 hrs


Camp- 15 hrs/wk

 Each week $89.97


Continuous Camp - 4 hrs


A+ Certification



Continuous Camp - 12 hrs







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On-Line A+ Certification Course Outline
Register Now for the 13 Duncans MindLeaders On-Line A+ Courses 
 $119.95 US for 12 months unlimited access - PLUS 193 other Technical Courses

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